PDFs and Screenshots Are Your Friends (and mine!)

So, I know you’ve hired us (designers) for a reason. And we really appreciate when you’re super specific about what you’re looking for in a layout, and send us your recommendations in the best way you know how – whether it be in PowerPoint or Publisher. While this is definitely a courteous thing for you to do, I’m gonna go ahead and recommend that you export those things as PDFs. Most computers come PDF-export ready these days, and you’ll be keeping your designer happy if they don’t have to open yet another application on their desktop just to have a look at what you’re thinking. If you’re on a Mac you can print to PDF or take a screenshot. … If you’re on a PC, I really can’t help you (maybe these articles can). But sending a PDF or a screenshot will a.) keep your and your designer’s inboxes on the lighter side, and save everyone time waiting for unnecessary applications to start.

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